The Egyptian Tea seller

I was just fascinated by the idea of someone selling glasses of tea in the centre of peak traffic. This was around midday, schools were closing for the day and children were navigating their way through a traffic rush that was unending. Cairo had all manner of vehicles on the road including a  whole family (mother, father and two children on a motor cycle most not wearing helmets) For me – trying to cross this busy razzmatazz of traffic was quite something since there were no traffic lights on this long and busy ring road. If you were a local,you’d understand the signals. but I …. I was in a panic

But returning to the tea seller – here was a lesson in entrepreneurship. I guess on a hot day in the middle of peak traffic, people get thirsty. Always – I imagine transporting this scene to my country and realise that while we can learn from and copy each other’s practices – it would never be quite the same without the broader prevailing culture, norms and values of that society. But still, this was a great experience!

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