I come bearing gifts

I give you the gift of


knowing how sad

and lonely you’ve been.

So when a new play-friend

comes along, you want him

exclusively for you

to come and play with

your beautiful toys

I give you the gift of


concerned for your wellbeing

when dark days find you

in a menacing dream or

make you do the cruelest

thing instead of acting

with God’s love

I give you the gift of


God’s gift of wide open blue skies

and endless starry nights , his

bounteous gifts to share.

I know that I have no dominion

to take away or judge.

I understand the stairs we

have to climb, trusting that

some kind soul will help

me up instead of pushing me down.

I give you the gift of


to give you a smile that truly

lights up your face and takes

away the frown. Come walk

with me among God’s flowers

and leave the gadgets behind

so that our art is truly inspired

and not a mechanical thing

Finally, I give you the gift of


to ease your anger and free

your pain and not look at me

this way again. I forgive you.

5 thoughts on “I come bearing gifts

    1. Thank you Himali. I’m pleased that you stopped by and took time to appreciate my work. You make it sound more powerful playing my words back to me. When you write from the heart, you don’t always hear yourself. Stay connected 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess that’s when we write with authenticity, it makes it real for someone out there. Best of luck with your mission to. Best Chevvy

        Liked by 1 person

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