In pursuit of love

In pursuit of love I tried to run

from the ordinary,

the mundane,

the drab of life’s existence,

dressed in my new clothes.

I saw love lurking in the shadows

furtively blending into the dark.

He moved like a bandit,

crouched like a sly cat

too elusive for me to catch.

Then the madness consumed me,

wanting so badly

for you to love me madly.

Beyond the world of reality,

in quest of the love in my dreams.

There were streets filled with people,

stridently stepping  like me.

Turning dark corners,

ducking through  alleyways,

sniffing for their opiate,

Stealing others’ needles for their dreams.

When I woke up to the ordinary,

I cried into my pillow, disappointed

that this was just a bad dream.

So I take out a clean sheet of paper

and doodle throughout the day.

Maybe tomorrow and the day

after  – I’ll finally find you,

synchronistically searching for me,

The one who is not complete and whole

until he finds the other side of me.

15 thoughts on “In pursuit of love

  1. Oh, Chevvy… You needn’t run at all in your pursuit of love… for your wings have carried you far beyond the ordinary… Beautiful artistry… Thank you for sharing it with us. I’d apologize for all the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ today, but I have so enjoyed myself lingering in your words…
    Hope your day is filled with as many beautiful moments as I have found on your site.

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    1. Michael, you’re more than welcome to my South African hospitality – Assume that all your likes are drinking sips of tea/coffee with me:-) I’m happy with your company. As for flying on the wings of love, yes in my head, I will take the liberty of poetic wings. Hope you’ll have a superb day further. Best. Chevvy.

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    1. Hello Nouf and thank you for reading my work and your comment. I have no quarrel with what you say. The nice thing about poetry is it can resonate or provoke alternative perspectives and that’s ok. I guess there are many of us who still need to learn that we have to fix our own broken ness and so for many the notion of ideal love is with the idea that someone should make you whole and this is what causes strife in relationships. Still, I am inclined towards the idea of soul mates – again illusive in most parts but hey, that’s what dreams are for :-). Best. Chevvy

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      1. Oh my God, I loved your comment a lot, relationships are awesome, and it’s a major topic for writers such as you and me. Yesterday I was meditating on the fact that we are whole by ourselves and the fact that frustration can arise from desperately needing “the one” to complete us. And I found myself across your writing after that, and I just wrote the comment as an entry for a discussion because I love discussion lol, and also wrote it as a reminder for anyone who could pass by and read your poem.
        A kind of hope let’s say.. anyway I love your work & keep going 😉

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      2. I do believe in them. But I have seen the soul mate relationship happen not between lovers but between siblings and friends mostly. However, I have seen very few between lovers. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s because when someone decided to choose a partner they do because of many benefitial reasons and forget about what they feel towards the other person, they basically don’t go deep about how they feel, and this is the common situation. Personally, I have experienced the most beautiful soul mate relationships without a partnership. It’s so incredible how people can grow and evolve in such relationships. I’m very philosophical I know haha lol 🙂

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      3. Be a philosophical as you like my friend. My philosophy on soul mates is very much along the lines of yours. Such people(spirits) can be manifested in family members, some in longer terms relationships and some in very fleeting encounters. I believe I’ve encountered all three. As you say, in seeking your life partner relationships,there are many practical considerations that people take into account and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that when you find someone whom you feel miraculously drawn to and gets you on a completely different level, you realise what might be missing in your relationship/s. I think it’s natural for us to have that curiosity to know who’s out there waiting to be discovered. I’m a great fan of Paulo Coelho and he explore themes like these. If ever I had to write a book, I’d like to write on themes like this. Do you not think that it is magical that we are having this conversation when I know very little about you? Until next time! Chevvy

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