Perhaps love is like a roller coaster ride

Perhaps love sets you in a churning motion,

In turbulent waves like the rolling ocean,

Starting on highs, dipping into heaving lows,

Compromising direction as the wind blows.

Perhaps love spins you a crescent moon,

An incomplete journey ending too soon.

Just as you were beginning to enjoy the ride,

The gravitational pull turned into a glide.

Perhaps the highs made you laugh and scream,

Consumed in burning flames, now just a dream.

A fireplace of ashes, long forgotten and cleaned,

A car,off tracks with reckless speed, it has careened.

Perhaps love has stayed the course in its frequent bumps

And its dips, leaving you with a heart that still thumps

Each time she kisses your lips and holds you up close.

Perhaps through rivers of time, your love still ardently flows.

13 thoughts on “Perhaps love is like a roller coaster ride

    1. Thank you for your comment Freya.This was inspired by an old song called “Perhaps Love” by John Denver and I thought I’d do my own take and wanted to end on a positive note 🙂


    1. Thank you Quirky. I suppose I could have used any metaphor which might have shifted the message a bit, but I think many marriage have these type of highs and lows. Very happy to see you in my studio. Best. Chevvy.

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