You are not alone

I whine and dine my aching parts

But none as painful as yours

I lament my young reminiscences

But you have raced ahead of me

I bemoan for a rose-colored love

But find yours broken in shards

I awake longing for more hours of sleep

But pain denies your rest all night long

I quibble and worry about life’s mistakes

But discover you’ve had more than your share

I chase eternal rainbows of happiness

But realize that you have never been there

So I thank my twinkling stars and rising sun

For filling my life with ordinary moments

These ordinary moments are your lighthouse

When you find yourself lost and tossed at sea

I cannot promise to fix your broken fragments

But let me share my light in your darkest night

And when you see stars falling before you

Know that someone far away has heard

It may not solve all your trials and tribulations

But it may bring comfort that you are not alone

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