Shades of love

There are days when my spirit calls out your name.

Multiple shades of violet weep teardrops for you.

Your silence leaves me bereft , frozen, turned  blue.

Wondering if without you things will ever be the same.

Then you surprise me with a sudden, unexpected call.

My heart skips a beat and I’m right back where we started.

So filled with love and good memories as if we never parted,

Once again, I’m in that spin of madness, ready to take the fall.

You do this to me, touch me, turn me to all shades of red.

Stoke up my dying embers, fan me into a flaring ,flaming fire,

Consuming the air that I breathe, left gasping, down to the wire.

Yearning and burning, turned on by the beguiling words you’ve said.

I’ve told you this before, when you play the consoles of my mind,

I’ll become the rainbow for you, through the spectrum of every hue.

When you knock on my door, you take away my feelings of blue.

All mellifluous sound and shades of me become your treasures to find.

Tilting, turning into a twirling, never-ending pirouette,

No longer locked in the frame of my shadowed silhouette.

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