Let synchronicity find you

I often wonder what it was

that brought you my way.

What supreme force divined

or obstructed your path

or accelerated the time

that led you to my door?

A moment of boredom,

a delayed appointment,

a search for a special word?

Was it something I said ?

Did my longing resonate

with yours suppressed?

Perhaps it was a prayer

I spoke into the universe

that was caught by the wind,

or swept through the tide,

or flickered in the same star

that we were both looking at.

Was it necessary to err a little,

to lose my way for you to find me?

Did I hear your lament

for something more, in your quest

for new sweeping landscapes

with panoramic views?

Perhaps ours is just to let it be:

that far greater plan for you and me.

16 thoughts on “Let synchronicity find you

      1. We can all learn a little from each other , I think ! Anyway , in Goa too , red is an auspicious colour. Infact, when a bridal couple enters their home for the first time , a red dress is placed on the bride’s shoulder as a good luck sign and to welcome her into her new family .

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      2. That’s interesting to know. But I guess red is a good color from various perspectives often associated with food – if you think about some famous brands and power dressing. I love red lipstick for confidence:-)

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      3. I have never worn red lipstick !!! May be it’s time I did ! I love red vermilion ( called sindoor in India) that Hindu women in India wear on the parting of their hair .
        Red – reminds me of the devil wears Prada !

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      4. Well don’t let me be bad influence but there are certainly many shades of red to choose from – vermillion certainly a good choice. I think every now and then,it’s good to do something you’ve never done before never mind how small. For me that’s what living is all about. I visited an Aquarium over the last holidays and marvelled at the amazing varieties of species of fish made by the greatest artist of all time and thought: as humanity how little of this vast magnificent universe do we get to experience in our lifetimes. Sorry for waxing lyrical here:-)

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      5. No need for apologies , Chevvy . I have been thinking alike. That is exactly why I have given myself this year to explore within myself and outside . Oh! the master artist has given us so many splendid and exquisite pieces of art to marvel at , I cannot sometimes fathom where to begin. I love the way you look at life and choose to live. Hugs and keep on spreading your cheer !

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