The Dilemma

To chase freedom in all its forms

Or abide society in all its norms

To follow personal conviction

Or live a life of contradiction

To remain silent and not rebel

Or stand on rooftops, whistle and tell

To be true to yourself, be a martyr

Or trade souls, shrink to a barter

To focus on your locus of control

Or propel the rock and let it roll

Perhaps the solution is not very clear

But resolve the dilemma without fear!

7 thoughts on “The Dilemma

  1. Each of your couplets is a conundrum that I have found myself tormented by at different points in time. Perhaps I didn’t always choose wisely , but what the heck atleast I didn’t fear ! Thank you for this, Chevvy.

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    1. Hello, sorry to respond so late, I’ve been working for a change. I love it when my writing strikes a cord and I’m not aloneπŸ˜€
      Ah yes, I agree that we each will will vary in the range/ranking of our dilemmas. Btw I’ve summed this up from collective wisdom of many people I know and all the talk shows I’m currently listening to. Midway sounds about right on most dilemmas.:-)

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  2. Enjoyed the whole package! We all reside somewhere between self and society. My favorite stanzas were the first two, where the ideas and rhyme flow so naturally. Propel that rock and let it roll, Chevvy. Well done! πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes I guess most of us do need to be in middle otherwise there would be anarchy and an unstable society but sometimes we are very conflicted when major change is required. Thank you as always for your support JoanπŸ˜€

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