Day 6:Poet’s Billow Challenge: Fairytales end

The Prompt for this poem was to take a domestic situation and relate to  a surreal vs real scenario. Had a bit of writer’s block today but here we go:

These words

Once ripe-

Bursting for you

Now washed out

Hang limp

Pegged and dry

Ready to fold away

Nothing left to say

Cinderella is home

Her prince has gone astray

As I prepared another load

I recalled the princess and the toad….

13 thoughts on “Day 6:Poet’s Billow Challenge: Fairytales end

    1. Strung together is apt since I used the metaphor of washing on a line:-) Thank you Kunal. As I said, I had a bit of writer’s block yesterday. I kept wanting to write about a mouse since there really is one scurrying around. Funny thing is it kept reminding me of your Hyper Pyper poem 🙂 I love today’s challenge – just up my alley:-)

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      1. Oh yes, I get you you for sure:-) Yeah – we’ve had a refuse removal strike for four weeks now and on a serious note rats and mice are becoming a problem. Had I written on this, it would have been what you call a rant:-)

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    1. Thank you Pri – after all this time, I’ve not known what to call you. I had an interesting exchange the other day with one of my readers who called me Sir. Chevvy, which is my pen name is actually an abbreviation of Chevonne. Kinda think Chevvy suits me and Chev even better 🙂

      Yes, as you know and I know – fairytales end – yet the irony is that they are also timeless. So though they end, you can spin another one or rewind and replay the memory.One of my favorites to read to one of my daughters was The owl and the pussy cat. Which fairytale resonates with you?

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      1. I thought it is about time to get out of that shroud of mystery , hence the change in my picture and letting a few blogger friends know my name too ( it is Priyanka ). I love your name and Chev is crisp !
        I used to love the Beauty and the Beast and still find myself drawn to it from time to time. I find shades of both in me now : )

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      2. Priyanka is a beautiful name and very pleased to meet you. Shroud and mystery is not always a bad thing. There is a certain freedom that comes with that. Beauty and the Beast hmmm, I think we all have a bit of that lurking in the background:-)

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