Day 7 of The Poet’s Billow Challenge: Forbidden Fruit

For today’s prompt, write a poem that overindulges the senses or focuses on something related. There is little reason in this except for pure pleasure.

There should be nothing useful in terms of improving morals, values, or intellect in your poems. This is not a poem to raise our understanding of human nature. Pure hedonistic verse for the simple pleasure of sensual indulgence. Write a poem that makes the reader faint from fear, blush from arousal, or look away in modesty or embarrassment. Write a poem so delicious that readers will forget it’s only a poem and shove it into their mouths. Overdo it. Yum!

Oh yes!

You knew which button to press,

Which nerve ends to touch,

To bring out my crimson blush!

A seemingly innocent orange- quartered,

Instantly, my lips moistened, eyes watered

While I savored it, lingered over it

How the sweet juices flowed – as I bit…

You cheered me on with your verbs

As I hungered for the meaning of your words,

Dripping and squirting the juicy fruit,

Wanting so much more, I swore I’d loot!

You dangled a strawberry, once again, tempting–

Licking and swallowing, craving– still unrelenting.

Then you stroked a banana gently before my eyes.

From somewhere deep below, I heard desire’s cries!

If there is a lesson for me to take away–

When you taste forbidden fruit, do not say.

Others might want to share and I’ll have none of it!

18 thoughts on “Day 7 of The Poet’s Billow Challenge: Forbidden Fruit

  1. Oh, Chevvy… When I read the challenge “Forbidden Fruit” I thought of a poem I posted last summer by that very name. I went back and read it and thought I would post it for the challenge… then I read the details that were
    posted and thought my poem was of a completely different nature and wouldn’t be appropriate… then I read your poem… and now I don’t even remember what day it is or where I left my poem… I must admit… this was one of the most unusual poems I have read as my first read of the day with my first cup of coffee… but I think… wait……….. no… I’m still not thinking clearly… but you have indeed started my day off in the way I wish all of them would start… stimulating the senses…

    I’m starting to catch up on my reading that I have missed out on over the past few weeks, so expect some extra likes and unusual comments… if… that is… I can get my mind off… umm…… your poetry…

    Have a beautiful day Chevvy and thank you for the smile on my face…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Michael you have me in stitches with laughter. I promise,I followed the instructions to the letter, hopefully tastefully so (pardon the pun) I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I was on your other blog late the other night and I promised myself I’d go back. I wanted to write a poem for you. My short answer to your question though is continue writing there. Have a great day. Best. Chevvy


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