Rights reserved



His wings snared

by a vision of beauty,

blinded to her thorns


His stifled screams,

now strangled

in hoarse whispers


Still pining

her love

but she’s no longer there,

rose petals everywhere


not where they belong


11 thoughts on “Rights reserved

  1. Beautiful! I love the carefree form, deviation from the pattern of triplets, final line in italics. Like the random dropping of the petals, an illusion falling away, a world turned upside-down. Nice work, Chevvy! 🙂

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    1. This is so great! I always think that I am just doing my own thing in my own corner of the world so its good to know that you picked up my blog somehow and that it has inspired you. I’ll follow and look out for your work. Best. Chevvy

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    2. I have just been visiting your blog and I am intrigued by what might have intrigued you on my blog. I’m responding on my Blog lest I appear daft on yours:-) I’m not so sure I’m so clever. Perhaps I am philosophical and don’t realise it as such. What I am guilty of is overthinking therefore not brain efficient.:-) Btw I did see the same tree falling though. I look forward to seeing what I might have inadvertently inspired. Welcome to the blogging world and you are doing very well – congratulations. Best. Chevvy.

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