The crux of the matter

Tell me more

Of what I’m longing to hear

Just say the words!


Meandering detours,

Dedicating, then effacing

Applauding, then obfuscating.

Just say those words

8 thoughts on “The crux of the matter

    1. I think so but this need not be gender specific. At the same time actions can speak louder than words- then words become less important. However,saying the words and acting contrary is worse:-)

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    1. Not so sure I follow the rules. I’ve learnt a lot from other writers. I’m doing the challenge to learn and develop my range. I’m interested in Micro poetry. It’s quite an art if you can say a lot in a few words. But everyone has different styles and I guess the best place to write from is your own heart or observations.

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      1. Good. Test yourself on a bit of poetry as well. There is something therapeutic and obviously creative about writing poetry. Somehow it also forces you to confront emotions more so than you might do in prose. But that is just a suggestion. I recall you mentioning your 4 months in the U.S. Maybe sketch out that a bit. Whatever you decide,it’s about what you would like to accomplish by blogging.


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