Day 9-Poet’s Billow challenge: Clothed and Lonely

Today’s challenge asks that we write a poem which has a title that includes a physical adjective,conjunction and mental or emotional adjective. An added challenge was to have assonance in the two key words of the title. So here we go and enjoy:

A modern condition

an epidemic plague

despite all their clothes

in love they are naked

Platinum rings

warm fur coats

layered smiles

still leave them cold

The warm body

next to you

is somewhere else-

promise broken,

Unto virtual worlds do we part!

9 thoughts on “Day 9-Poet’s Billow challenge: Clothed and Lonely

      1. Poetry is a great way to decompress, to push out the bad so the good can rush in. Let it fill you on this gorgeous Sunday! I haven’t heard the word “demerit” since Catholic school (something similar to detention, not that I would know). I love assonance and have written several poems based on it, but worry that non-poet people won’t know what it is and start snickering like Beavis and Butthead… “heh, heh, heh, she said ass-onance.”

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      2. Ha!Ha!, you’ve brought a smile to my face. Half the time we’re not mindful of figures of speech when we write. It would make for more powerful writing if we were. Oh the merit and demerit system is still used very much in our schools, Catholic or public. I am having a great day – still lots of sunshine and flowers despite it being Autumn. You have a great day to and look out for my music post later. πŸ™‚

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