Lost moments

Often reminded

that you’ve told me

before and once again

Where was I?

In Oblivion’s world

or concealed wilderness?

Did the world matter

so much more?

Was I not keeping score?

Surely it’s too late.

The dust has settled.

Train’s moved on.

The future is begging for change!

10 thoughts on “Lost moments

    1. Yes apart from regret causing too much wear and tear on the soul,one can never quite recapture those moments and trying to recreate them is a different experience. Besides, the reasons for why you lost some moments might have had their own positives:-)

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      1. I know what you mean by the positives and I have always believed in resigning to His will . If He sees purpose in putting the soul through that wear and tear and letting the heart crumble for a bit , there must be better plan. Although , I struggle to see it when the clouds hang low , it turns out well in the end : ) Amen to that !

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      2. I guess our responses to what life throws at us depends on our unique realities. In the end we do learn out of whatever experience we encounter. Enjoy the rest of your day Pri.😀 Best. Chevvy

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  1. When the train moves on, it leaves behind freedom: wide open, scary, sad, exhilarating freedom. Embrace the choices it offers. If the train left without you, you weren’t meant to be on it. The right path will open up for you, keep your eyes open. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it’s interesting you should say that. Every now and then I have Epic dreams which guide my way and one of them was about a train. I place a lot of significance on symbols and the train will always be a metaphor for changes in my life. At the end of last year I climbed off one of those trains,am currently between stations ,getting packed and ready for the next one 🙂 Someone once took the analogy a little further for me – know which train you want to get on, its destination and pack appropriately and if you miss one,there are others along the way. So you are perfectly in sync with my thinking:-)

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