Day 11 of the Poet’s Billow challenge: Through the window

In this challenge we had to study an audio rendition of a a foreign language poem and try to replicate its tone and mood . I used a poem written in Czech by Miroslav Holub.


Fog surrounds me

scowling, smothering and dense

stifling, suspended haze over space,

then suddenly, it lifts, it dawns on me!

A recognition,admission,

of what I’ve seen and heard everyday.

Flashing, racing, sprinting, mounting-

memories, conversations, revelations

that we’ve shared.

They come together as the mist disappears.

This is what we’ve wanted all along.

A taste of freedom.

14 thoughts on “Day 11 of the Poet’s Billow challenge: Through the window

      1. Thank you Kunal, very colourful and frenetic. Great to see what looks like a thriving music industry – kinda like Nollyhood for Nigeria which makes a substantial contribution to the economy.:-)

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  1. I love this! Like a bunch of disparate pieces that were there all along suddenly falling into place and solving the puzzle, clarifying everything. Would love to listen and compare the tone and mood of the Miroslav Holub poem in Czech, can you send a link to it? This reminds me of an exercise we did in poetry class: take your significant poem (the one we read aloud on the first day) and create a stylistic impression of it, rewriting it in your own words but conveying the same message. A challenging assignment! 🙂

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    1. My understanding was that you just listen to the mood and tone – no need to understand the words – then following a similar rhythm and mood, you write what comes to mind based on your own interpretation. Look forward to seeing it:-)


  2. I listened to the Miroslav Holub poem in Czech. Very short, only about 30 seconds. To me, he sounded wise, as if he were explaining something or telling a sad story that brightened a little at the end. It sounded to me like unrhymed prose with no line breaks. Read this like a paragraph, with a little lilt


    Oh, the vexation!
    Knowing the perfect word
    to complete a sentence,
    absolutely musical,
    just the right shade of meaning,
    if only I could pull the damned thing
    out of my brain.
    I hold tight to the bits I recall:
    starts with in, ends with ation.
    Intonation? Invocation? Incarnation?
    No, no, and no.
    How is it that I can remember
    the word for not being able to remember a word
    yet lose the one I really need?
    I close my eyes, relax, and let the charades begin
    Right brain grabs the reins
    and my hand waves a magic wand
    as if casting a spell
    to summon the other letters.
    I struggle to make them out, but I can’t.
    Then realize I’ve just typed them.
    Or maybe I should say

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  3. This is amazing Joan. You really must post it on your blog as well. I think there are some similarities in our interpretation. I also picked up that he was puzzling on an issue and he repeated the first word as if it was perplexing. Then, the pace picked up rapidly as the answers came to him. Your title is very apt.
    I think you have picked up on the tone and mood brilliantly. I’m having such fun with this!

    Best. Chevvy


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