Day 14: Poet’s Billow challenge: Pyramid of love

Today’s challenge

Choose 4-5 books about varying things–a collection or two of poetry, an autobiography, a book about stones, a novel. Pick up a book, randomnly open to a page, glance down. The phrase your eyes catch: write it down. Pick up another book and repeat the process 10 times. Then, see what you have and revise it into a poem. You will be amazed at the way the universe’s synchronicity manifests itself in such an approach.

I chose the following  books: The soul of Rumi by Coleman Barks,Peaches for Mensiour le Carè by Joanne Harris,I know why a caged birds sings by Maya Angelou, Eat Mangoes Naked by SARK, Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock and Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Enjoy!

You knew that I was a bird with broken wings.

You saw the condemnation of five syllables:

Pandemonium, as it spread across an old sky.

With pampered politeness that tipped the scale,

you reminded me that pleasure can be found

tucked into pockets and corners of the mind

where burdens that were clogged, tipped the scale

relieved from feeling overwhelmed and besieged.

You’ve given me a motive to write, fulfil each moment

to fall in harmony and rise like pyramid mounds,

miraculous levitation of rocks which had obscured

my path to an airy enclosure, now my source of dreams.

You wake in my early morning and melt my meaning

as honey melts in milk. So let’s proceed in pleasure

dancing with the pits, not the side of hell but at the

morning staircase of  a life where everything just is.

Let’s join hands like interlocking polygonal blocks,

those which stood the test of time as archeology finds.

Fall in harmony with me for a while, since this experience

is not eternal. We both know the reality cannot be.

This rose never stays long enough for weeds to grow

Do not fear though, I’ll  see you everywhere.

 I’ll be there …..

10 thoughts on “Day 14: Poet’s Billow challenge: Pyramid of love

    1. Oh this was really magic to do and I swear, I followed all rules. I couldn’t find a book on stones so Pyramids had to do and working with just the words at my disposal,the pen did the rest – or is it my impulsive muse again?:-)

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      1. Yes, Yes,Yes – I’m crazy enough to believe that it means something. I came across that word on another blogger’s site yesterday, just waiting for the third showing now. Just a thing I have that if you see something three times in a row – it’s your lucky day. But writing the poem was like magic. Those words were waiting for me and I am amazed myself at how seamless it looks:-)

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