Day 16-Poet Billow’s Challenge: It’s not a fairytale

For this prompt, create a new poetry form. You can focus on rhyme as does the sonnet, repetition of words or lines as do the pantoum and sestina, or subject matter as does the elegy.

Invent the form and then write the poem.

I decided to model my form loosely on the pantoum (Pantoumime) with my rules as follows:

  • Poem to comprise of 4 stanzas
  • Poem starts with a question that is repeated in each stanza but shifts

position until it is in the last line of the last stanza

  • You may alter the recurring question by use of punctuation or emphasis through Italics
  • The poem should deal with a perplexing issue

Why does nothing ever stay the same?

Walking down the aisle, fixed with a smile,

Nothing was impossible if we imagined it!

We vowed that nothing would ever change.

Fool to believe that we could keep that pledge.

Why? …. Does nothing ever stay the same?

In this world of looped-virtual, soap opera-reality,

You switched channels on me, wanting variety.

Did someone change the rules while we slept?

Am I the only one feeling cheated and bereft?

Why does nothing ever stay the same?

I thought it was all about us and a happy family,

The years have soldiered on with limping legs,

Patched up veterans standing in old enemy lines,

Reverting to lonely trenches – not artillery strikes.

Why does nothing ever stay the same?

2 thoughts on “Day 16-Poet Billow’s Challenge: It’s not a fairytale

  1. Very creative, and freeing to set your own rules! I like how the one line stays the same but the position and emphasis change, how it seems to fit perfectly in each stanza. For the record, the only constant in the world is change. Well done, Chevvy, and congrats for having the perseverance to crank out a new and complex poem every single day. WOW! šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joan – as usual, I had to rush since the prompt came through late. Yes, the only constant is change. The irony is that while everyone knows that, they still live as if everything can and does remain the same like a fairytale:-) But let me leave the rest for readers to unpack šŸ™‚ thanks as always my friend. Chevvy

      Liked by 1 person

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