Day 20- The Poet’s Billow Challenge: To blog or not to blog

Today, write an abecederian poem. It’s when the first letter of each line follows the order of the alphabet. So, the first line starts with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. In the end you should have a 26-line poem.

A mounting disquiet all around

Blogging is slowly taking over

Concern that they’re losing me

Don’t spend enough time with them

Even when I’m there, I am not quite

Forever thinking of what next to write

Generous with my time over this

How can I justify to family and friends?

I feel inordinately fulfilled when I write

Joy in reaching all corners of the world

Kindred spirits hold me captive in words

Love discovered in rhythm and rhyme

My soul finds a new form of expression

New understanding of who I truly am

Offers me so many insights into life

Perhaps even realization of my dream

Question is how do I balance my time

Remembering  my  responsibilities and

Socialising in the real world. I still need

To prioritise time for everyone in my life

Understanding all of this, I still have space, a

Vacuum that needs filling with others like me

Who understand this need too, to break down

Xenophobia’s geographical historical barriers

You and I would never have met otherwise

Zealous in pursuit of this freedom to defend.

15 thoughts on “Day 20- The Poet’s Billow Challenge: To blog or not to blog

    1. Well look who is here again. I’ve missed you! Well, I’m glad this resonates – everyone is ganging up on me around here and I understand. I’ve promised that after the challenge I’ll slow down but it’s difficult not to follow your passion:-)

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      1. Oh my 14 year old gave me a dressing down of note the other day. Hence I have to blog when everyone is asleep. And I do understand – I don’t like everyone to be stuck behind devices all the time and our families and friends do need our time so the balancing act is important. I’ll check out your new post. You didn’t respond to my comment on the last one. I might have been ambiguous but I was agreeing to the the substance. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Pri and glad it resonated with you. I think I’ve told you that I used to do scrapbooking and I loved it so much that I frequently lost track of time. So I’ve fallen into the same trap here. It’s quite a lot of work to keep up. If my daughter had it her way, I wouldn’t blog at all 🙂

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      1. I have become aware of the trap too ! I found myself posting more than once everyday last week and until my husband pointed it out , I didn’t even realize that I was even skipping meals , so drawn into it was I!
        Have consciously been trying to keep it to one post a day and finding myself going back to other hobbies now 🙂
        I do hope you keep posting though ( sorry to the daughter:)) cause I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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      2. I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment so I’m taking advantage of that but I will have to think of a schedule as I get busier with work and other commitments. It’s good that you get out into nature. Fortunately,though I live in a big city, there is plenty of greenery around me – just got to make time to enjoy it:-) Not sure if I’ll ever be balanced though. It’s in my nature to be impulsive and seize the moment 😊😊

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      3. Oh you are lucky to live around greenery ! In Mumbai , one has to search for a few green patches . I hope you find the time to enjoy it Chev 🙂
        I find solace in nature and whenever I am ill or in pain , people tend to preach but nature , I find, just offers me the balm that I need 🙂 So , I take off ! You make most of the time you have now and keep posting . Have a nice day !

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  1. The questions and message of this poem flowed so beautifully, I wouldn’t have guessed that the lines had to follow the alphabet (well, until I got to Xenophobia, then I might have suspected). I feel just the same way, so I especially loved the last two lines. Meeting cool people makes it worth it. 🙂

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    1. Hello Joan. Yes, this was fun to do. In fact. I’ll miss the challenge when it’s over but it will help reduce my blogging given demands on my time:-) You should try one of these on your own topic. Yes, it is cool to meet people from all over across all kinds of divides in ways that we would not be able to do otherwise.😀

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