Day 22- Poet’s Billow Challenge: Nature’s cinematography

As a tribute to Earth day and in honor of the earth, write a nature poem. I’ve chosen to draw from a small glimpse of my hiking experiences.

The thudding of my heart

against the soundproof silence,

alone with each thought,

then, just breathing you in.

Entering a stretch of forest,

where the lighting of the sun-

beamed, as if stage-managed,

spotlights on verdant green.

A remote trickling, bubbling-

beneath rampant rambling,

of green celebrity carpets,

tree-shaded, in all shades.

Jungled tendrils, looping-

an acrobatโ€™s rope, poised-

for a daring display to absorb me,

take my breath away!

Mist converging – in descent

until Iโ€™m wrapped and cuddled,

in my private whole new world,

the sheer isolation, crowding me.

As I emerge from paradise doors,

I look down from the mountain,

applauding set design and craft,

a mere slice of your production.

Why then would we choose

to hide behind shutters,

shunning the light in rebuff

of natureโ€™s mysterious magic?

Dare we compete in creation-

automated,mechanical worlds,

artificial intelligence and robots

for the Oscar-nominated prize?

11 thoughts on “Day 22- Poet’s Billow Challenge: Nature’s cinematography

  1. Yes. Your last four lines says it all. Nature is amazing. Loved the photo as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS -kindly refollow my blog. Got struck in domain tranfer. lost followers and posts too. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Nithin – I felt suspended in the moment reliving a hike through the forest and then standing on the edge of a mountain. Yesterday, I was listening to a futurist talking about the advances in mechanisation into the 2nd industrial revolution. It scares me what this will do not only to nature but how we live as human beings. I have re-followed. Hope you find the stuff you have lost:-)


    1. Thank you Pri – one of these days I need to go back in there to replenish my soul. There’s nothing like that absolute silence save for nature’s sounds. Enjoy your weekend too:-)

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    1. This is a beautiful part of our country – very close to the Kruger National Park which is a great tourist attraction. The area has all kinds of beautiful natural attractions such as God’s Window, the Pinnacle and the Blyde River canyon (the names kind of desccibe them) I’ve hiked in various parts of the country and it’s the best way to have a “pilgrimage” kind of experience. We all need that alone time once in a while. See you soon. Best. Chevvy


  2. Have you ever read Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, Wild? She hikes the Pacific Coast Trail to find her way back to her real self. There is a movie version, but not nearly as good as the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. No I haven’t but can look it up. Some friends and I have been toying with doing part of the Santiago trail which crosses from France into Spain. That’s where the real pilgrims go. Still early days as to whether we’ll go but it would be a great adventure:-)

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