16 thoughts on “You do that to me…

    1. I think it is the joy of every poet if their work can resonate with the reader. As you know, I like playing with the words and their ambiguity but on a fundamental level, I was reflecting on how poetry takes you to places that you sometimes wonder whether it was really your voice. The more I write, the more I feel I’m being sucked into that subconscious level. I guess that’s what we mean when we say the poem wrote itself. On another level, I think women hold back on their womanhood and there is is an element of that liberation contrasted with the tightness of the poem. Now you can tell that I was once a teacher:-)

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    1. I taught English – Senior year mostly but that was a while back. I’ve done numerous other things since then and have now started my own consultancy.:-)


  1. Good for you! Senior English is a rough gig, kids aren’t mature enough yet to understand and appreciate the classics (at least I wasn’t). My teacher was an effeminate man with a bad rug who loved to make us dig for the hidden meanings. His favorite question was “So, what is this poem/story/memoir REALLY about?”

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    1. Yes, I felt the pressure, I wasn’t much older than my students at the time – was thrown in the deep end and had to learn to swim very fast – but I loved it and had a great time with my students. Since then,there have been many forks in the road but everything I’ve done has always drawn from my teaching experience. Yes, I know the kind of teachers you are talking about:-)

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