How can I ?

How can I…

Feel the fathomless pit

of your pain,

the tendrils that throttle-

muting your voice

to a ghost of your scream?

How can I…

View the misty horizon

behind your tears,

the fears which squint-

blinding your vision

to a mirage of your dream?

How can I…

Touch the raw wound

that never seems to heal,

the scab keeps peeling off-

exposing your soul

now handcuffed in solitary?

How can I…

Tell you that the sun still shines

after the storm of yesterday,

that today will soon become-

your tomorrow and will present you

with ribbon wrapped choices ?

How can I take your hand-

mark your footprints in the sand…

14 thoughts on “How can I ?

  1. I love this. “How can I?” You already have, Chevvy, touching people by simply understanding their pain and sharing words of comfort. Shared sorrow is halved; shared joy is doubled–can’t remember who said that, but it’s so true. 🙂

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