You touched me

You touched

something deep-

buried within,

forgotten, retrieved

from beneath its tombstone.

You asked

me to examine it again-

listen for signs of life,

hear its silent whimper,

resuscitate it with my lips.

You knew

what it would feel like-

how agonizing it would be

since I had buried you within me.

13 thoughts on “You touched me

  1. Darn it, those hurts that just won’t stay buried! Pulling them into the light of day, onto the page, can lessen their power and take away their sting. It’s one of the reasons I write. Nice job, Chevvy! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Robert,I’m glad you liked it. Super glad that you liked the image – it’s a photograph I took in a vineyard. I feel fine, but the heart sometimes says what it needs to when you raise your pen and sometimes that ouch! is necessary to clear your head. I’m glad you followed me here because you picked up that I’ll also dance on the table which I once did in a truth or dare.( rather the dare than the truth:-) I’ll see you on the other side. Best, Chevvy

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      1. Thanks Robert. I’ve learnt in life that the truth is a continuous quest. The search for it is as constant as change. Everyday, you discover new truths especially where we meet so many people with different perspectives, backgrounds… I’ll look forward to visiting you soon.

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