Day 24-Poet’s Billow challenge: I apologize…

Very aptly so – this challenge asks us to write a poem of apology.

I’m so sorry for being impolite-

for not eating all you dished out,

especially the decadent humble pie,

served frozen-cold on a paper plate.

I regret that you felt so shadowed-

when I stood up to my full height.

It was not ever my intention

to make you feel so infinitismal!

I’m ashamed of my awful behavior-

for trying to soothe and placate you,

when you were frothing at the mouth-

your rage- spluttering shamelessly out!

Oh how I must unreservedly repent-

for standing in your pathway,

blocking out your rose-colored view,

if only you could and would have seen it!

Above all I am  mournful as I weep-

when I think of the disassembling souls,

convulsively, trembling and shuddering,

when your tornado spirals violently in.

9 thoughts on “Day 24-Poet’s Billow challenge: I apologize…

    1. Thank you Pri – this a bit of my dark poetry, sometimes there are things you think you have put behind that still hover around. A friend of mine sent me some quotes today which are so similar to the ones I posted yesterday – reminding me to live in the moment:-) Thank you for reading and understanding:-)

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      1. I know what you mean . I find certain things hidden in the deepest alcoves and darkest recesses surface from time to time too. It’s good that we can write and to me it’s a sort of catharsis . Wishing you well and sending you a hug .

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  1. I loved it all, especially the frozen humble pie on a paper plate. A wise teacher used to say, as she winged pens through the air at students, “Just because someone throws you something doesn’t mean you have to catch it.” The tone your piece suggests the receiver of the apology should be the one making it. It brings to mind William Carlos Williams “This is Just to Say.” (I honestly don’t think he was all that sorry for eating those sweet, cold plums in the icebox.) Don’t ever be sorry to stand tall and be yourself. Well done, Chevvy 🙂

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    1. Thanks Joan. I was responding to the challenge of either writing in the persona of the one giving the apology or the one who should be apologising. I guess I did a bit of both. Thing is, it brought back things I’d rather forget but perhaps it’s best to look your demons in the eye in order to move on. I will say that I am amazed always at the art of writing poetry – Sometimes, you think you’re going one way and, the keyboard or pen takes you to other places. I guess if I was teaching, there’d be no shortage of the figures of speech to analyse. I have another challenge to respond to if I get a chance later. It’s hard labour but a labour of love and endurance too. Yes, the piece from Carlos is spot on. Best wishes to you and thank you for your kind words. Chevvy 🌹


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