Day 26-Poet’s Billow Challenge: Origins of a Trollop

Today’s challenge required me to choose a word randomly (blindly) from a dictionary and write a poem on the origin of that word. This is my take:

She bears the trademark of ancient times

Illustrious tales have told of her sinful crimes

In temples and busy streets, her trade she plied

Many tasted her wine, though publicly denied

She’s a slave, an actress and a Goddess it seems

Depending on era, culture and the age of dreams

Bought and sold to satisfy man’s craves and desire

Sold to the the highest bidder with cash to buy her

Over centuries she’s been called by many names

Courtesan or Trollop, she’s played similar games

As the Geisha girl, the floozy the hussy, slut or whore

Traded in economies,she’s kept men coming for more

Legalise it, centralize it, scrutinize it, banish it! they say

But hypocrisy maintains it, sustains it, even to this day

When she flaunts her kisses freely, it’s called promiscuity

Judge her harshly and ignore the cloak-armed ambiguity

The secret lover, the mistress- are they all the same?

Or is it fame and fortune that determines her name?

One thing is certain, for centuries, she’s been around

All feeble attempts to sink her ship have run aground

Question remains, is she the lady or the tramp…

2 thoughts on “Day 26-Poet’s Billow Challenge: Origins of a Trollop

    1. Joan, you are just so sweet. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and glad you enjoyed it. I did a little research here and this really is the world’s oldest profession and certainly not short of synonyms:-)

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