Day 27-Poet’s Billow Challenge: Love unrivalled

Challenge: Write a love poem

I’m not a star poet, I’m sure you can tell,

Can’t carry a tune to high notes very well

My health’s not been the best that it could

So can’t promise eternal love like I should

But Babe I am yearning to tell you this!

When your metaphor touches my paradox

My locked secrets escape from my black box

The pilot who knows how to steer my wings

Will  land me gently with the joy that he brings

When the DJ starts playing our favorite song

Don’t know all the words,but we’ll sure sing along

It’s not with voices that our hearts now speak

But our feelings tuned into the violin’s  high peak

How your cupid arrow makes me quiver

As your oar canoes me through passion’s river

I’ve loved you throughout the ages of time

For ours is a love unrivalled and  sublime

No other man matches me as much as you do…

5 thoughts on “Day 27-Poet’s Billow Challenge: Love unrivalled

    1. Hello Joan, hope you are well. I’ve been very busy with work so had to do these in a rush so I’m glad it still produced some good lines. Now that image can be anything you want it to be but I know it sounds a little cheeky too:-)

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