Autumn’s Bounty

When I leaf through

the pages of my seasons,

I revel in Autumn’s shades,

the ambers and blush,

the yellow and gold

of bliss-filled abundance.

The fragrance of life,

undertones of florals and spice,

intoxicate me into a daze

of bewildering vistas,

of places I have been

and people I have seen.

This moment I have paused

to take stock of it all

and remind myself to

be grateful. Not for

stocks and bonds : for

those I have none –

It’s in the talents I’ve been given

to turn brown leaves to gold

and stack wood for the cold,

that abundance has found me.

Hard days and nights I’ve travelled

from where I once began.

Now as cold winds blow,

fire crackles in merriment,

cheered by warm hearts

upon whose rungs I have stood.

I see the greatest gift of all

in those surrounding me.

Autumn leaves roll out new seasons.

21 thoughts on “Autumn’s Bounty

      1. I must have read the wrong message when I clicked the link. I retract my previous comment – thank for this beautiful Gif-t . Now I wonder what you do all day but I’m ever so grateful:-)

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      2. Sorry, I had been trying to delete something I had put in the wrong place. Well thank you for all the flowers, you’re brightening up my day – that is something. All the best. Chevvy.

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    1. Actually, you inspired me when you said “cherish the moment”. My temperature can rise all to easily and that’s the time to just breathe and count the blessings. Fortunately, I found that shot in my archives – I took it in the Drakensberg. Hope you get a chance one day to visit our beautiful country. I’m frequently told by foreign visitors that we’re also generally friendly people:-)

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      1. On my wish list, Chev! And I take your word for it that you’re a friendly bunch! Actually, I know that – went on a holiday to Europe once, with a bunch of SAFs, Aussies & Kiwis (’97 or ’98?) and they were a fine lot of fun! Enjoy your day & the splendour of the season

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