Moving to the slow lane

Oh the feel of those fast cars!

so long and shining-sleek,

those soft and smooth…

tight leather seats- laps

behind the power-steering.

Let’s not talk about the torque-

just watch me as I take off…

silver rims rolling in reverse-

perverse to ride with such speed,

not to mention the ultra-sound.

Racing like it was a marathon,

I’ve got to break the habit…

set up my cruise control,

got to act more responsible.

Fleeting pleasure-

not the measure of who I am.

Too many speeding tickets,

it’s no longer fun.

So I’m taking it nice and slow

Which one – wouldn’t you like to know?

I’ll stay with the automatic.

Settling down in the slow lane


8 thoughts on “Moving to the slow lane

    1. The thing about fast cars is that they almost drive themselves so I have picked up many fines from driving to fast in a slow lane. But of course I’m talking about life in general as well:-)

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  1. I’m a fan of fast cars, never thought a poem could be written about them. Really loved the uniqueness here. Enjoyed the read 🙂 – Cezane

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    1. Yes, I’ve loved the power and take off of fast cars but I’ve also used this as a metaphor to slow down in the rat race of life:-) Thank you for the visit and enjoying the read:-)

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