Caught up in your rapture

I love the way you feel

You look at me like a dream

A certain softness hypnotizing me

In your eyes, casting a spell

I can’t help myself night and day

 When we touch you are the one

I lose control when you claim me completely

In your arms, we become one

I’m caught up in your rapture when I’m with you

This is my second experiment with a Cleave poem. In simple terms, a Cleave poem can be read as three separate poems. The first poem is the regular typeface to be read vertically –the second poem is the part in italics and the third is the  whole poem read horizontally. For more information on this form:

9 thoughts on “Caught up in your rapture

    1. I’m being efficient aren’t I? I like this form and I’d like to play around with it a bit more to really bring out the dichotomy this form of poetry allows. Thanks for the visit Joan:-)

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