You and I

I’ve hidden special trinkets for you

Along the journey we’ve travelled

Just you and I

I’ve retraced my footsteps

Always finding  you behind

When it was just- you and I

We walked upon mountain peaks

Basked in the glow of an ocean sun

Together- just you and I

In a world brimming with people,

Our music was the melody of nature’s sounds

A symphony playing – just for you and I

I’ve seen you come and go in confusion

As we balance our lives with illusion

Of a world – with just you and I

There’ve been times when you’ve been silent

I’ve known and understood the reason why

It was always about – just you and I

I follow the footpath again and I recall

The invitation for a dinner for two

Special requirements- for you and I

I’m hoping you’ll find all the trinkets

I’ve hidden especially for you

Down pathways-just for us two

15 thoughts on “You and I

      1. Yes some words aren’t easy to say even for us poets who have all the words at our disposal. So we take the roundabout route hoping that the message is received.In terms of my poetry, I like gallivanting between the words 🙂

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