Unseasonal rain


is the soft drizzle, that mists up

my window pane – enveloping

and comforting –as a mother

to her newborn child.


when roles are reversed–

wanting, to take foetal position

for yourself – to be cuddled and nursed,

still oblivious to the world of heartache.


when Autumn leaves loiter about,

wanting, retrieval of the buds of Spring,

retracing the steps of your youth,

wandering– what you would do differently.


though it may seem– rain will come

as it chooses, soft drizzle or pelting hard!

Is it in your stars, the choice or the measure–

or do you just choose to dance in the rain…

wherever and whenever it comes …

10 thoughts on “Unseasonal rain

  1. I love this one, the repetition of “unseasonal”, the brilliant use of the word “wandering/wondering”, the longing we all have occasionally to go back to a safer time and place. I got to dance in the rain today when I walked my dogs, wearing yellow Wellie boots with bumblebees on them. What fun! Great job, Chev! 🙂

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    1. My dear Joan – always a pleasure to see you here. Thank you for your great appreciation of the poem. There’s something so comforting about the soft drizzle of rain. Since it’s late Autumn here, it is unseasonal. But isn’t that the great thing about life – it doesn’t have always have to be predictable. Yes and soft rain reminds me of vulnerabilities too, when you need taking care of. Well I’m glad you went out and enjoyed the rain😀

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