You got the best of me

This poem contains a hidden poem to give you a total of at least three poems 

You’ve given me the best years

of your life and I’ve given you mine too,

the best gifts ever any woman could

want or man deserve, it’s been blessed!

As I gaze down life’s road; most of it has

been smooth. You’ve given me the

best time of my life. There was no one

quite like you, to do it quite like you.

We’ve had problems like most people

do, but no cracks that could not be tarred.

You spoke to me with your heart and soul,

filled the need in me, made me feel whole.

Our music played in perfect harmony

you knew the words before I sang them.

Let’s toast to many years ahead and

pray to choose the right fork in the road.

Long– I’ll remember, as you will too,

the best time of my life with you!


6 thoughts on “You got the best of me

    1. Ah! This is like Sadoku. No I think as you said earlier, the beauty of poetry is what you see. I only raised it because I was reading your poem in a number of ways and I had used a similar switch of words as you had done in your last two lines. There is a subtle duality within the poem. But I’ll continue to refine the technique 🙂

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      1. ha!ha! – hek now I’m bothering you.One small clue is in the tense. Last two lines can work both ways at the poet’s discretion:-) Now get back to your work as I must do.


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