She is no stranger…

She visits me without warning

sweeping in, wearing her dark hooded cloak,

instantly paralysing all my faculties

as her opiate smothers  my senses.

She turns off my music, steals my appetite,

casts an eclipsed shadow of despair over me.

Sometimes she slips stealthily into my dreams,

walking me through a daze of dim empty rooms.

Some of them familiar, stark and solemn,

abandoned grey walls encroaching in.

Then we’re walking the unruly garden,

the open space surprises and  excites me.

When she leaves, Sun slowly returns–

trading smiles and agile footsteps

as I walk through brightly-lit aisles,

shopping for a new chance at happiness.

Buying stones and trinkets to keep her away,

still convincing myself that she will not return.

Then she is suddenly  there, painting my walls black.

Restless in pace, l still cannot see her face.

She effaces good memories and mists up–

my promising thoughts, drowning me

with rivers of tears and unsolicited fears.

Still I rise, fending her off with bright smiles.

In the distance, He reaches out to me

reminding me that I am not alone.

Patience and Hope are on their way,

Faith enters the room with his armour.

15 thoughts on “She is no stranger…

    1. Thank you Kunal,didn’t want to be morbid but just exploring an emotion that accosts me sometimes. I hope you are feeling ok. I sometimes have a 6th sense you know especially when we’re feeling a little fragile:-)

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      1. Well if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my life experience, it’s that when you’re in a bind, you become blind to so many good things and when you feel like throwing in the towel in some way, there’s often a pleasant surprise waiting with the next sunrise.
        My past 3 years were filled with highs and lows and when I look back I see more of the highs than the lows. So yes, my message in the end is a positive one.

        Have yourself a fine day and lots of hugs from me🌻🌻

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  1. Nice, Chev. No stones or trinkets can keep her away. A dog helps, though. Their insides are made of sunshine that has gotten me through many a dark day. Yesterday, I visited a friend with a litter of one-day-old pit bull pups (11 of them!) Holding babies in the palm of my hand, there is nothing like it. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Joan. well it sounds like the cure – only at puppy stage though😀 I read your latest RV post btw. just when you had me softening towards the idea of being a happy camper. Still, I loved the way you romanticised it in the last episode and now your very pragmatic approach. 😀

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  2. So hauntingly beautiful!

    I think that all creative types know this ‘lady.’ Thankfully we always have the light to help us transcend her darkness.

    After our ‘transcendence’, we can ‘come back’ and create something more meaningful from those experiences.

    I just love your way with words and ‘images.’

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    1. Thank you my friend. I think like most, writing is a form of therapy on the one hand and connecting with others to say “I feel you” or “It’s ok, this is human, we all go through these moments but there’s always transcendence” as you say. Thank you for your kind words – always rich with encouragement!

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      1. And I believe you and for me – your ever radiant, glowing disposition shines through your words and exuberance and I know that you may have your own stuff to deal with but I know that your radiance will come back to you.
        I’m sending those “guidelines” to you and T shortly. I’ll respond through your comment on my About page .

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