The fruit of his charm


As he may seem,

He is the Don Juan–

The seductive charmer,

Dipping into the nectar

Of all his conquests.

Jostling and nudging–

They wink and flirt

With a slight lift of the skirt

He is there in a flash

Collecting his stash

Tasting her sweet honey.

Unashamedly to the next,

He propagates the seed

Of the next generation.

So, it no longer seems


When we all enjoy–

The fruit of his charm


11 thoughts on “The fruit of his charm

    1. Yes, without the honeybee much of our food would be threatened. Back to the theme of even a little bee can make a difference. But of course he is a playboy with all these flowers ready to receive him:-)

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  1. Very nice!

    This reminds me of a lyric from a Southern rapper named Big KRIT. He says “Apples fall off the tree and roll down hills…” Of course implying that our fruit is falling away and becoming estranged from the original tree. The lyric comes from his song, “Soul Food.” Check it out, it’s pretty deep.

    Kinda makes me wonder about the children conceived by a Don Juan who has no idea of their existence because he never had any intention of sticking around.

    As always, a great poet allows for many different interpretations and Ms. Chevvy is the bomb at doing just that!

    BTW, whenever I see a bee I thank him for keeping this whole things going 🙂

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    1. Ha!ha! Yeah you caught me here – Your interpretation went further than I was thinking. I really was on about the bees and compared them with a Don Juan. Now that’s me being hoisted by my own petard. Yes. that is another interesting perspective for sure. I did read the lyrics of “Soul Food” by K.R.I.T. and it speaks to your point. You see, I’m richer and wiser for it!

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    1. Oh yes that’s her, but I guess the he-bees do the pollination/fertilisation of flowers and that’s what I was on about. But I know that you’re pulling my leg huh!

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    1. That’s it – the double entendre was me being playful with word but my point at the end of the day was that you have straw berries at the market. I think Lady G added another important interpretation that I hadn’t thought about😀

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