Just one kiss


Very suddenly

Beyond completely

I’ve fallen

So in love with you

Have you fallen too?


In quiet suspense

As your lips touch mine


Whether I can bear

A moment like this


In the swell and swirl

Moving in rhythm

Frenzied rush

As we climb and soar

Heights not known before


Erratic, in gasps

Bliss to feel like this

After just one kiss…


24 thoughts on “Just one kiss

    1. hmm THAT word is going to get me into trouble:-)
      Imagination is a powerful thing huh! Even better when it resonates 😊 Btw, I made a few changes to the story after you had read it – hope you’ll still appreciate it.I’ll be ending at No. 10

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      1. Hahahaha! Of course…but to answer the question implies that I’m becoming a celebrity…with all the perks and pitfalls that may contain! 🙂

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    1. Joan, you are such a princess yourself for understanding how my mind works. This most certainly doesn’t happen everyday to everyone,that’s why there are so many fantasy readers out there. Glad you enjoyed it my dear😀

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    1. I’ve been told that the two emotions that give birth to all others are Love and Fear – so there’s no getting away from these emotions … and a touch of romance is what many dream of 😀


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