Her time has come

Beyond beauty spas–

stepping out of silhouette,

at last her time has come–

To lead and nurture,

heal the war-torn damage

of our wounded past.

A world asunder

through outrageous blunder,

now calling for Peace.

Hear me when I say

now, at last her time has come.

Listen to her voice!


bringing calm to tame the winds

and turbulent seas.

A toss of coins–

gambling carelessly with lives,

has won her a place,

To sit among men

and hoist freedom’s fresh flag.

Her time has come!

Who will cast a stone

or seek splinters in her eye

without solution?

With eyes wide open–

cast your vote for Peace,

for her time has come!

21 thoughts on “Her time has come

      1. I’m not really back yet – still mustering my internal forces.But I felt inspired to write today. We’re having Municipal elections next week which will be very significant for us and our future.But I’m so glad that you looking out for me. Thank you!☺️

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    1. Ooh girl, you are never far from my thoughts and I have to steel myself from visiting. Life has been a bit of a see-saw for me but I so look forward to coming back. I miss you too and looking forward to catching up with you soon. I hope you are doing fine and finding your way to. Love and hugs to you Lady G!❤️

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  1. Oh! Its just that you wrote this one for me! I have felt every word vibrating in my entire being. It is like i was on a brink of revelation in every sentence. I have definitely owned it! Oh! Chevvy! How are you you are truly missed! Desperately searching for words or a word from you for my comfort. Hope to hear from you! Lovely day! (And thank you for the poem!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! What a lovely message Kamunde. So glad that you enjoyed this. It does have layers of meaning so I’m glad that you found one relevant for you. Thank you for the good wishes. I’m hoping to be back soon. In the meanwhile warmest wishes to you and take care.😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really did, it had related to my current situation so much. Gave me the oomph that i just needed. Your response just made my day! So glad to hear from you and can’t wait to engage with you again! Thanks Chevvy!

        Liked by 1 person

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