I’m thinking of you

Thrown from your routine–

Where each sunrise brings purpose,

Suddenly alone

I think of you

As bags are packed–

Traffic exodus of crowds,

Silence now too loud

I think of you


Behind tears of loneliness,

Festive observer

I think of you

Who for the first time–

Must sleep on that double bed,

You always shared

I think of you

Hoping and praying–

That you will dress in seasons,

Where time comes to pass

I think of you

See your smiling face–

As you slowly realize,

I’m thinking of you

He is always thinking of you too.

9 thoughts on “I’m thinking of you

  1. Loved this, Chev. Perfectly captures the loneliness many feel during the Christmas season. A young friend lost her spouse in a car accident this summer, it is the first Christmas without him for her and her kids. I read this and reached out to her. 🙂

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  2. I was joking with Tracy about those sad Christmas songs that are all over the airwaves in the stores: “Please come home from Christmas,” What do the lonely do at Christmas.”
    This can be a difficult time of year for those who are forlorn.

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