Sole journey

I love words,

their satin texture,

their rich timbre–

tasty morsels–

carefully arranged

on a platter,

wetting my appetite.

Yet I understood,

how those words

failed you,

when you went,

to that place–

beyond euphoria

or magic’s magnificence.

I moved with you,

in your solitary dance–

a spectator

to illusive images,

inconclusive insights,

evocative emotions

which you tried to convey.

In the end, I knew.

Words were wasted,

lost in translation

in a language that

you solely understood,

not spoken or heard.

On that journey…

we each must travel, alone.

8 thoughts on “Sole journey

      1. Good idea, I read a lot on your blog yesterday and the 100 word stories impressed me . I once began 100 word story challenge but nobody dared, we could begin with that. But for now, i’ll be out of blogosphere for days, I’m preparing for Slam Africa Poetry Championship. I won’t be in touch with my computer.

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      2. Glad to hear that you’ve been lounging in my studio. I actually like the 100 word story. It encourages you to use words optimally and poignantly. Enjoy the Slam and good luck! We’ll catch up when you are around. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

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