Live in full colour

I gave you the arc of a rainbow,

the primaries for your palette.

With each stroke of your brush

I gave you my passion and pain.

I gave you the rising, setting sun,

a reflection of shadow and light,

that gave radiance to your open smile,

flaming–flamboyant or tranquil and demure.

I gave you the variable moon,

the glow and dim of your feelings

that rise and fall with the tides–

sea–change of life, never static!

I gave you all of my creation–

infinitely vivid and varied in colour,

to inspire you to reciprocate–

the depth of the love I gave to you.

No matter the tint or the hue,

I want so much from each of you.

Move from the shadows: into the light.

Extend beyond tones of black and white.

I gave my life to you, live it in full colour!


21 thoughts on “Live in full colour

    1. Thanks Joan, it does look like a sky to get lost in.😊 I’ve used colour here as a symbol of many things. Most of all, using all our talents and appreciating each other and all of creation. If there is one thing that I am in awe of, it’s the immense and intricate colours in everything around us. What an amazing creation!!!

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  1. Wow Chevvy!
    This is so beautiful!
    So brilliant, vibrant, crisp and clear!
    Now is the perfect time of year to ponder the many gifts from the Universe–as well as the many gifts that we have to give back 🙂
    Reciprocating abundance!
    The miraculous!
    Your gift for creating profound and meaningful imagery is amazing!
    I just can’t!

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    1. You know my answer to your last point – You can sweetheart. That’s what your affirmations were about. Btw, your food posts have so much colour – behind that colour is the love of food, creating, family. Your narration of nostalgic stories paints all kinds of pictures and reminiscences for us. I can see you stringing a few words together in a poem by what you just here on my blog.
      Anyway, I’m off my podium now. I thought, if I was God, this is what I’d like to say to da people for Christmas. One more thing Baby – YOU ARE COOL LIKE DAT!!! 💞💞😊😊

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      1. Hey Sis, it’s equally lovely having you in my life. You never fail to bring a smile to my face although,this time I might have to blame it on the Gluhwein we’ve been drinking😀 Of course this is a drink for cold weather and it is a very warm night. I swear, I’m going to do Christmas in July next year.
        Now the magic of talking to you now is that we are just over 2 1/2 hours from Christmas day 😊

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      2. Chevvy! So sorry for the delay! Some of my comments got away from me 🙂
        But you know I don’t want to miss you!
        Gluhwein….yeah…another thing for me to google ! ROTFLMAO……The word “wein”seems to imply a connection to alcohol! LOL!! Am I right????
        I hope that you had a magical weekend dear Sis 🙂

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      3. Well you know how I kept on dreaming of a a White Christmas – Gluhwein and eggnog are always associated with the idea of a cold Christmas. Yes, it is an alcohol drink including red wine, water,sugar,cinnamon, juice extract of an orange and cloves stuck in the peels (all of this put on the stove to simmer) You end up with a hot/warm drink, very fitting if you were coming in from the snow. In fact the recipe I used said not to go back into the snow after a drink because it goes straight to your head. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed it while we were cooking on Christmas Eve. We had a great Christmas day with family friends though it rained the whole day. I have committed myself to throwing Christmas in July in 2017. That’s when we can make a fire and cook comfort food. Our friends are game for the idea.
        I saw a post on your Southern cooking – will come over shortly.😀

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      4. I am feverishly copy/pasting the recipe for Gluhwein! I’m gonna make that for New Years Eve! YAAAASSS! I got all the ingredients on hand. I have a nice bottle of Malbec that I can use.
        Girl you know I hollered when I saw the instructions NOT to go in the snow after drinking this! LOL!!!!
        We hardly EVER get snow so I am in no danger though I guess I could bust my butt in some grass!
        So happy to hear that your Christmas was as it should be; filled with family and friends.
        Always love and light to you Sis!

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      5. 😂😂 If you are going to make it, drink it slowly since it does warm the cockles of your heart and “Don’t let it go to your head now” I wish you and your family love and light for the new year which is practically upon us 😘

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      6. YAAASSSS!
        Alright Ms. Carne!
        “Don’t let it go to your head… naw, naw, naw..”
        TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) BAYBEE!
        May you and your lovely family be blessed in this New Year!
        BTW, I got the book!!!!!! I’m so excited!
        I skimmed it already and I thank you for recommending it 🙏🏾💞

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      7. Oh! I’m so glad to hear that you got the book. It got me through some tough times, helped me attract lots of blessings into my life and I hope it does the same for you Sis.

        You know I once did a long road/work trip with a colleague/friend of mine – the days of cassettes and I remember this Jeane Carne song playing together with one of those old Ojays albums. – Posted here for your listening pleasure😀 💞

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