Life’s garden

Even as he turned the soil, unearthed the weeds,

He knew that he would have to plant new seeds.

For what is it to grow a garden and not linger,

To stop and revere,the art of your green finger?

What pleasure there is in being freedom’s child

Sprouting buds and leaves, trendrils twirling wild.

There is also great merit in the design and pruning,

For complementing–colour, shape and fine–tuning

At the end of the day, we’ll sit back and admire

The achievements of hopes to which we aspire.

No longer prisoners of our own fault and device,

Co-creators, not victims of the throw of the dice.

No root stands firm without tender loving care,

Nutrients and water, sunshine and refreshing air.

Even when we think that chance is to blame

We must each move towards our own end-game.

30 thoughts on “Life’s garden

  1. Absolutely beautiful poem Chevvy. Very relevant particularly at this time of the year. I particularly loved ” What pleasure there is in being freedom’s child,
    Sprouting buds and leaves, trendrils twirling wild.”

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    1. Hey Lady G – glad you like this. Of course I’m preaching to myself too, sometimes we just get sucked right back in. So even when it’s common sense, we need reminding. How is the new year treating you thus far Girlfriend?

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      1. Girl, it’s a constant job isn’t it! I too have had to try to build myself up a bit more. I’m having to learn to ignore what I see and focus more on what I would like to see! LOL!
        That said, this post was right on time Sis!
        The New Year had a little less than stellar start but I’m not going to let that bother me. I’ll just keep plugging along!
        How about yours?

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      2. Hey Gwin, picking up on your last point, please feel free to write to me. Life is like a pendulum and the best we can do is try to swing with it rather than let it knock us down.
        Love and light to you too my dear.💞💞 Here is a song that I hope will warm your heart.

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    1. Thank you Kunal. Have you been away? We just got back from a week in the Bush veld. This time I left my technology behind. I’ll see what I can cook up on the Bush veld experience. 😀
      Welcome into the new year, hope you’ve done your pruning, cleared out the dead leaves, planted new seedlings and watered adequately for new blossoms ha!ha!

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      1. Hi! No, simply swamped with work and trying to take a sabbatical from WP 🙂
        Doesn’t work!
        Also, my brain cells are dead, so not getting any poetic inspiration.
        I’m sure your holiday was great – will wit to hear more via your blog!

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      2. I can only sympathise on both counts – not getting a break and trying to take a break from WP. Most people here take over 3 weeks leave but since it’s a festive time you don’t really rest. The past week was far from the madding crowd. By next week we’ll have forgotten that we had a holiday.

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  2. “No root stands firm without tender loving care,

    Nutrients and water, sunshine and refreshing air.”

    I can really relate to this Chevvy. We all need tenderness and love to thrive. Although many of us still manage to make a good and satisfying life for ourselves inspite of not getting this from source, and having to manufacture it for ourselves. There’s a lot be said for those who were given it unconditionally. This poem is metaphorically very good for the soul! It encourages! the image is inspiring too! 🙂

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    1. Hello Marie. Thanks for the visit. I do appreciate it. Yes, you are right – I think the practice of tending your garden is very comparable to tending your soul. In many ways the inputs needed for a flourishing garden can be equated to our own thriving. I like to compare pruning to decluttering for example. Just as pruning leads to an abundance of blossoms, decluttering can make space for other great things to come in. When you speak of not getting a good life from source do you not think that our families choose us to shape who we are meant to be or teach us the lessons we are meant to learn in this lifetime?
      Glad you like the rose. I planted it and therein is another source of satisfaction – creating and co-creating. 😀

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      1. Always Chevvy, you make a very good point about families shaping us … But I think that where there is terrible abuse in a person’s life, although it can ultimately shape them if they manage to survive it, it can give them only half the life that they are entitled to. Sorry for the doom and gloom, because I know not everyone grows up in violence and fear. But for those of us who do, it can break rather than ‘shape’ us.
        That beautiful rose is incredible – and you grew it? That’s wonderful! 🙂

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      2. Thanks for the complement Marie. I once was an avid gardener, knew all the botanical names of flowers and trees and shopping for plants was a form of retail therapy. These days, I still do the buying and designing but aint got no time for the hard work girlfriend. However, I do appreciate the smell of the dark loam soil, and I try to do my work where I can see the kaleidescope of colours from my garden. Something I need to do is linger a bit more both literally and figuratively.

        On the point of families, you are right, some of us survive while for others, it can break you. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones who survived but not without scars and bruises that follow me to this day. Writing and reading about other people’s trials and tribulations has made me appreciate all the more how fortunate I am.😀

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      3. You are welcome Chevvy. I suppose one of my (few) LOL flaws is that I keep banging on about my abusive and violent childhood, somehow forgetting that many others have been through the same thing, but they instead choose not to refer to that time and speak positively. I don’t always wish to introduce negativity in my comments. Please forgive me!
        I am pleased to hear that though you bear the scars and bruises you are grateful that you can approach life with huge doses of positivity as seen in your wonderfully inspiring poetry. Thank you for spreading your positivity which is so colourfully refreshing. 🙂

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      4. My dear Marie, there is nothing to forgive. I do understand. Parts of my own story are woven into my writing and like everyone else I have my down and negative days. I count myself blessed however, that I have been lucky in the opportunities and people that have come my way. I have found that if you try to reflect positivity, it attracts positive things into your life. Though I am still far from where I’d like to be spiritually, I know to whom I owe the blessings in my life. Despite this, it is always a work in progress. I often find it also useful to read/hear the unhappy stories to confirm my own purpose and to reinforce my gratitude.I am over the moon if you find something on my blog that resonates or that makes you smile.
        I hope you are having a good day!😀😀

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      5. Thank you Chevvy! Such words of wisdom! I am beginning to display positivity albeit in a small way, but I hope that in time, this will grow to bigger proportions helped by positive people like you! 🙂
        You may like to know that I’ve written a haiku using that image I asked if I could borrow. Posted it just now on my riceandpease blog. the link can be found on my ‘about the author page’ if you care to look when you feel so inclined …:) 🙂
        I am having the BEST day! How’s that for positivity?? 🙂
        Hope you are too!

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      6. I won’t say too much except that I received an unexpected invitation (due to a late cancellation) – to speak at conference next week where the audience is just who I need in preparation for my new work. Just feels like the stars are aligning.😀

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