Our Graffiti Walls

Sometimes the pain is unyielding,

deeply plunged with serrated edges.

Only you can see the ghoulish images

stuck on repeat, record, rewind, replay…

Brother take my hand because I understand

how the weather won’t efface, nor time erase,

the graffiti on the wall of your remembrance,

bleeding paint, rolling from those crying eyes.

Why does midnight seem so dark and cold

when you’re feeling strapped  and alone?

While Insomnia  wrestles your  demons away,

daylight can’t seem to come soon enough.

But it eventually does Brother, it does!

See… the bleeding has stopped for a while.

When you looked out of your window

and saw that other artists had been at work…

Painting their own graffiti walls, you knew

that there were others outside just like you,

chasing ghosts at midnight, in frenzied spritz,

their pain transformed into nobel–prized art.

We’ll rise from the ashes again Brother!

Take my hand, you may lend me yours too.

8 thoughts on “Our Graffiti Walls

  1. This reminds me of soldiers I’ve known, the problems they suffer when they return home. Loved this line: “bleeding paint, rolling from those crying eyes.” Also how helpful it can be to bring pain into the light of day and discover you are not alone. Another beautiful and heartfelt piece, Chevvy. Bravo! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Joan. Before I took a break, I wanted to do a post on my visit to Berlin and learning about the Berlin wall with all its Graffiti. It was amazing then because I had just finished reading a novel set in the time of the Berlin wall. It was also amazing to see people standing at the commemorative walls, crying 20 years later. Sometimes, life gets that way.😔 Most times that’s where art comes from.

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