What’s love got to do with it?

When you spend a lifetime

calling out my name

seeing me just the way I am

midst the cobweb’s spiral

What’s love got to do with it?

When we switched roles to reverse

and you played the nurse

when you let me run freely

trusting that I would return

What’s love got to with it?

When you pressed the wrong key

and the music played out of tune

those hard knocks of life

when I welcomed you back in

What’s love got to do with it?

When I take my shades off

and look up at the sun

I see you standing there

It becomes so very clear–

What love’s got to do with it.


25 thoughts on “What’s love got to do with it?

    1. Just so you know that I’m awake – I’m saying Hi and how are you? This is where I come when the house is quiet. While I like Romance, I’m not big on the commercialised view of Valentine’s day. Besides, we have way too many celebrations going on in February. My eldest daughter’s birthday is on the 15th. Still, I thought it would be fun to play along with the love theme this month. This poem is just a screenshot of what love is -a touch on the realism of love beyond the flowers, chocolates and wine.😀

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      1. Hi, Chevvy. I’m doing fine. It’s a Friday night here, and instead of out on the town, I’m at home doing laundry. LOL

        I agree that Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated. Love should be given and shared all year ’round, not just for one commercialized day.

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  1. Love isn’t chocolate and flowers – well it can be sometimes, but love is a lot more profound and all encompassing. It’s the rough with the smooth, the bitter with the sweet, the good times and the bad times too. I think when we learn that, then we know what love has to do with it. I hope my interpretation isn’t way off the mark here. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll put me right on that Chevvy!

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    1. You are spot on Marie but the frills don’t hurt none. Those frills are perishable, though inviting, and one can be caught in the allure. A combination of both is first prize. I like to speak of romancing the ordinary – the frills needn’t cost lots of money – they’re probably more to do with thoughtfulness and attention from both sides 😀

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    1. Well isn’t that the beauty of the play on words ?. The title and the last line have a shift in nuance because that whole story – the good and the bad is what love comprises of in the end😀

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