Love is the word

In a dream you came to me

whispering that word

the resonance that found us

when it was just you and I

The word that bound us

across  oceans and sky

in that place where you waited

time ticking, endlessly

Until I opened my window

saw your footprints in the sand

the smile you’d left me to find

with that word that belongs to you

The dream still lingers in my wake

in the last message you crafted

contrasting the shadow and light

cupid’s arrow, threw my heart

I’m hoping to see beyond my tears

when love brings you back to me.

It’s all in that word that means: the

same thing is happening to you and me.


30 thoughts on “Love is the word

  1. “It’s all in that word that means: the same thing is happening to you and me.” I love this line. A shared experience, a moment in time. Although the same thing might be experienced very differently. Beautiful, Chev. Thanks. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Funny thing is I started out just wanting to blog music but couldn’t find friends in that space but the good thing is it got me to explore other pursuits. You are most welcome!

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    1. Thank you Tracy! I’m sure you know where I stole that line from but I needed to make it my own. Glad you like it cause yeah, it’s like being taken by surprise – that feeling -or borrowing on some lyrics: “There’s something about your love that makes me weak and knocks me off my feet 😀

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    1. Thank you Susan. I’m really pleased to hear that it struck a chord with you. I’m a great believer in dreams both the sleep induced and the day dreams. I’ve had some epic dreams which have influenced significant milestones in my life. I like to think of dreams as part of synchronicity – signs and messages that you should be paying attention to. See where your thoughts take you on your dream.😀

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      1. I wonder don’t we all have a bit of that in us. That’s what I find gratifying about poetry – teasing out what sits at the heart of who we are and then finding our way home as the song says. Clearly easier said than done but I like to go out on a limb sometimes and “Just do it” I guess I’ve been lucky because it is often about taking risks. I guess that was what Peter Gabriel did when he left Genesis.

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      2. There you go – good luck with your decision. I’m also in transition, starting a new journey in my career next week hopefully much more on my own terms towards finding my way “home”.😀

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