Torch and a Spear

We were like two ships

Passing through the night

My perfume in the breeze

Yours, with smoke-filled trees

You made me pause

For a moment–

Inhale memories long forgotten,

Though occasional visitors

But I’ve tasted and drunk

Enough damp midnight air

Not to want to go back there.

Walk with me  for awhile

Come and gaze through my window

Take a look at your possibility

To share the fragrance with me

And leave that stale air behind

The shore is not too far

If you take the dive with me

I have a torch, you have a spear

Together– we have nothing to fear!

19 thoughts on “Torch and a Spear

    1. Funny, I didn’t think of the romance of the imagery so much but I appreciate you seeing that in the poem. Looking at it again with fresh eyes, I see the emphasis on associating memories with inhaling and breathing- Food for thought, even for me. So glad it resonated with you.

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  1. Oh boy…this piece has stimulated a very interesting exchange between you and Susan. It must feel good to know that your work can touch people in ways that you might not have imagined.
    Beautiful 🙏🏾

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