The photograph

A mirrored reflection caught my eye

A black and white picture of you and I

Behind the reflection, rose colored walls

Sounds of love songs echoing down halls

Through the tracks of needles and tapes

Spun out of swelling love and heartbreaks

Time swirled around and streamed through

A broken part of me to a broken part of you

Shared memories linger in that ideal frame

A sequenced montage that calls out my name

As I gaze closely at the photograph once again

I glimpse the anticipation we could not contain

When our favorite song invited us to dance

We seemed to have been captured in a trance

The image keeps us locked in eternal embrace

What happened next, there is no sign or trace

That appears to be the way of sweet dreams

Where the magic is not as perfect as it seems

But as I lay my weary head and return to sleep

I rewind our love song that still makes me weep


6 thoughts on “The photograph

  1. This brought to mind a poster-sized framed photo in a friend’s house. She was 88 and her husband has passed shortly before we met. She would have understood every word of this. The photo was black and white, of her and her husband when they were young and in love, the way she envisioned their reunion in Heaven, she said. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lovely story Joan. I had many themes in mind when I put this together so I’m glad it sparked this memory for you. I am always intrigued by the difference between capturing that perfect moment or seeing the photograph unfold into real life where things might turn out so differently.

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      1. Photos capture just one moment in an ever-changing life. For my friend Hazel, that photo was the pinnacle of her married life–before World War II, infertility struggles and childlessness, a lot of restless job jumping and moves around the country, a major illness, etc. That memory was her rock as their life changed all around them. I have a few photos like that, times when life was as perfect as it ever gets. But the Big River keeps moving and we move with it, trying to keep our heads above water as best we can. πŸ™‚

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      2. Yes, photos do capture some perfect moments and in the case of your friend, it sounds like the photograph was a treasured reminder and lifeline. I suppose in the digital age, photographs are not as lasting in their value. In some ways I feel sad about that but as you say – we move with the river. As I said in the end, I wouldn’t regret the danceπŸ˜€

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    1. I suppose some themes are universal. Too often things we acquire, experiences we have – lose their shine. Hence anticipation is the best part quite often but hey- we want the rest too. My theory is that few of us can be all things to everyone. Still, I’m the eternal dreamer! Also, if I put that Montage together of collective experiences, I’ve had the time of my life and it’s not over yet. So go on – keep the dreams alive!πŸ˜€

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