8 thoughts on “Beautiful Soul

    1. Either you read me too well or you are psychic LOL! Yes I’ve come across that quote – an ex colleague of mine once said that I was one of those who walked in the rain. I am.
      But I’ve been dying to post the picture. My 15 year old made this for me for breakfast and I thought it was so creative and this HAIKU became the perfect companion to illustrating the point I am making. Thanks for reading and commenting dear Joan.😊

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      1. I do have a bit of a psychic gift, but only with a handful of people. That is what makes me certain that we will meet in Eleanor’s Tea Room one day. Poetry is a very revealing art form. After I retired, I returned to my workplace with a binder of poetry to share. (I’d told them I was going to write, and wanted to “prove” I was serious.) It was just 20 or so simple pieces, writing assignments from my class. A person I had worked with closely told me, after reading them, that he felt he knew me better than he had in the 16 years we’d worked side-by-side. Poetry skips the small talk about weather, sports, etc, and gives a glimpse into a deeper place, the self we keep to ourselves most of the time. Putting yourself out there like that is scary, but knowing that self is accepted and understood is a feeling like no other. 🙂

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      2. How cool is that Joan. You’ll know from my writing that I’ve attracted a number of intuitive people into my life because I have a bit of that myself. There is another blog I follow where I’m also fascinated by how poetry opens creativity and innovation in the workplace. I have found that to be true given that communication and problem solving etc are tools of my trade.
        Okay so I must make a note about Eleanor’s tearoom (you’ll know that I believe that it is very possible and likely.😀) Based on what you’ve said, you probably know me better than I know myself. I think the last point you make is so … so true. Thank you so much for your valuable insights and appreciation Joan.🌹

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  1. Hey my sweet! This is Spring Break for Lady J and for my son. I’ve been scarce because I’m spending time with them.
    But you know what? I think I’ve heard of that photographer 🙂 LOL!!
    It is indeed a gorgeous creation and pic!

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  2. Now look who I found here. It is sooo great to see you Sis. Of course I knew you hadn’t abandoned me haha!. You are right where you need to be with your children and I hope you are having a great time! So glad to see you GIRL!!!😀


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