17 thoughts on “If today is yesterday’s memory…

    1. Yes, though we value our memories and I think we should, we have to move with, participate and sometimes even drive the change. I must check out what you have been up to recently in your travels. Thanks for stopping by.😀

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    1. I’m enjoying the Senryu at the moment because as succint as it is, it can be quite thought provoking. So though it did cross my mind that the word “trump” might be emotive beyond my intention, it turned out for my purposes to be the best word to depict the word “upstage” One of my themes here was about how our pasts or memories hold us back by us keeping them fashionable, letting them follow us wherever we go and yet change is inevitable. Hence my question – what if we are living in the past? Of course I love memories and see their value, but some weigh us down.
      We had a protest action here yesterday which was a result of change happening so fast and suddenly and the aggrieved people didn’t see it coming. Pragmatically speaking, it’s often difficult on the other hand to roll over and accept all change, hence your comment. I understand it very well in that context. Whatever, my intentions, I’m glad this poem had meaning for you. 😀

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      1. Another twist on memories… my husband likes to recreate his most hallowed childhood memories, which almost always turns out to be a mistake. Going to a favorite ice cream place that now seems mediocre. Visiting Nana’s old cabin on the lake and finding that it’s ramshackle, the sleeping porch you loved caved into ruin. The experience is not only not as good, but it taints the memory attached to it. I’d rather appreciate them in my mind, where I can view them reverently, with their halos still on. 🙂

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      2. There you go – another meaning to “change trumps all each day”. It also reminds me of the idea of rose coloured glasses. I agree – sometimes you do want to preserve the memory with reverence.

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    1. It’s not easy for any of us. I would never dismiss the past because good or bad, it’s the foundation we build on. That’s what our fireside conversations were about and it’s core to who we are. But everything changes and I guess we have to decide whether to be be bystander or take a meaningful part in the change before it becomes a good or bad memory. Pardon me being reflective this way – it’s a rite of passage I need to get through 😊 Thank you for walking this journey with me Gwin.❤️

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