Impressions of words

Credit- Gordon Anderson

when we were young–

with the innocence of lambs

words flew like rapid-fire bullets

catapulting us through sling-shots

when we were young–

words left fingerprints all over

that forged who we’d  become

impressions and punched annihilations

When we were young–

thunderstorms whipped and cracked

as lighting flashed with cursing words

that covered the mirrors of ourselves

when we were young–

those words ached and they cringed

paralysing us underneath hidden fears

brimming our eyes with sobbing tears

when we were young–

we  really did not understand

the meaning of those hateful words

now trapped in dark passages of time

now that we are young–

to a world of new translations

we know there are spaces and places

between the words and their shadows

now that we are young:

those words can dress up in new clothes

dance wildly beneath the thunderstorm

take a bow beneath rainbow’s radiance

Now that we are young !

31 thoughts on “Impressions of words

  1. Kind of like the converse theory to the old “Sticks and Stones.” I succumbed to the Adult, but Young Again paradox and especially loved the subtlety of these lines “we know there are spaces and places / between the words and their shadows.” Writers are known to dance in those spaces and places. 🙂

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    1. We do indeed dance between the spaces and places – that gives opportunity for the readers to make it their own. My prompt for this was “words” Think of how many variations of poetry there could be for that prompt. I love the stream of consciousness approach – you just don’t know how it will flow.

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      1. Using your WORDS prompt, timer set for 15 minutes, here’s mine:

        The way they look
        The shapes of the letters
        The smell of library books
        full of words, words, words
        Sounding them out
        Oh, the music they make
        A mouthful of rhyme
        chanted to the tap-whip
        of a schoolyard jump rope
        Daring tongue-twisters,
        words gone rogue
        chased by girlish giggles
        Spelling lessons
        drilled while drying dishes
        How do you spell… ?
        always met with Mom’s
        clever redirection:
        D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y !
        Do-it-yourself words,
        right at your fingertips!
        SCRABBLE learned
        at Grandmother’s elbow,
        a high school drop-out and
        expert strategist in
        big points from small words
        Introduction to Thesaurus,
        not an extinct species,
        but a revelation. Surprise.
        Shock. Discovery. Eye opener.
        So many lovely shades
        of meaning and connotation
        when the Muses come a-knockin’
        spilling poetry on your
        doorstep in the wee hours
        Gather your letters
        while you may;
        and fill every crystal vase
        with a gorgeous arrangement

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      2. Wow! In 15 minutes! Now look at that variation. For you , I see a happy childhood where learning was a family affair and they conjured up memories of fun and games. Interestingly, I associate my appreciation of words far more with adult experience. My younger daughter would probably relate better to your version. Something we do in the kitchen together while I cooking and everyone is sharing their news for the day. We also get into tussles about accents. I tease her with her posh accent. Of course, rather than the smell of library books, Mr Google is our family friend.

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    1. Thank you Gwin. I am appreciating the gift in being able to do this and the purpose it can serve both in creativity and altered perspectives. Some come easier than others. I think I’ve said before that it’s amazing how the brain stores information and through a free association, you can just pull out those draws.😊

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      1. I think you are right about how some these things coming easier than others.
        Maybe it has to do with where you are in life or what state of mind you’re in, or, more importantly, if there is a message that the Divine wants you to give to someone. 🙂

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      2. Good morning gorgeous. Yes I’m up. Kinda off my schedule because my daughter is out for Spring break. LOL!
        Which for you is Fall 🙂 This opposites thing is so funny sometimes 🙂

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      3. Anyway, I’m glad to see you – been trying to take a short break but so glad to find you here!❤️❤️ Yes, it remains strange to think of our polarities of seasons.

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    1. Thank you Susan. Even as we get older, we are young at so many new things that put distance between the present and the past so that hurtful things need not hurt us anymore. Have a great Sunday my dear!

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      1. Hey, don’t fight with me.😀 I say soul coz that’s where this comes from. This is my “dark” poetry. Much of our best poetry comes from the hurt and the pain. Thank you for your fine compliment!

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    1. Ah! I think I told you that I would forever be 32 haha! But I know at 32 I wouldn’t have been able to write this poem in this way. Therein is the value of time and distance. Everyday we are young to new experiences, to first times, to anticipation – wouldn’t you say?😀

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