7 thoughts on “Hope is always there

  1. Love the vibrant greens, the majestic mountain, the winding path… the poem speaks to me of God, how we often feel that we are walking alone, then as we round a bend and see a gorgeous sky or flower, or feel a soft breeze, we realize not only is He with us, but he has been there the whole time. 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t have put it better myself. When I think about some of the challenges we’re facing, I think of some of the world’s heros including our own, who were jailed for years or tortured and it was HOPE that got them through and inevitably hope is linked to the spiritual belief.
      That mountain is indeed majestic, I took photographs of it from many angles, sometimes when it was caught up in swirls if mist. Each picture just takes my breath away.

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  2. That is a lovely picture. I can see myself walking down that road and it would be heavenly. Your verse, I can’t say enough about it. I am currently experiencing the very thing you have written about. Very nice, Chevvy.

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    1. Thank you Susan and I’m glad it resonates with you whatever your situation. Sometimes we do think we are alone or helpless and I like to remind myself that each day can offer new gifts and surprises. Often, we only see in retrospect, that whatever the struggle, we overcame it or grew from it somehow and that fuels new hope. Happy Friday to you Susan!

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