12 thoughts on “The route of life

      1. Good for you. I live inland and was at the coast for work two weeks ago and couldn’t believe that I had hardly seen or felt the ocean while there. Hence I say, “live the moment”. I’ll be travelling to the coast again later this week and won’t make that mistake again.πŸ˜€


  1. What a gorgeous tree! It almost looks like two trees grafted together, as if each of us might have an ego and alterego. Sometimes they reach in the same direction and other times, they are at odds with each other, making the path to our destiny both crooked and beautiful. Speaks to the importance of knowing yourself and your values and using them to guide your choices. Well done, Chevvy! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Joan. I had just a few seconds to take the picture as we were just passing through the other day. You know my fixation with paths and forks in the road. In fact what better teacher is there than nature to offer us a mirror to our lives? I love your interpretation. I guess if you are firmly rooted or grounded you may have greater freedom of choice without getting lost. Regardless the routes you take, you’ll be anchored by your raison d’Γͺtre. I also love the idea that often one has to move horizontally, diagonally or even split before one moves forward or higher. I thought the tree was a great prompt!

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