Love is the word

In a dream you came to me

whispering that word

the resonance that found us

when it was just you and I

The word that bound us

across  oceans and sky

in that place where you waited

time ticking, endlessly

Until I opened my window

saw your footprints in the sand

the smile you’d left me to find

with that word that belongs to you

The dream still lingers in my wake

in the last message you crafted

contrasting the shadow and light

cupid’s arrow, threw my heart

I’m hoping to see beyond my tears

when love brings you back to me.

It’s all in that word that means: the

same thing is happening to you and me.


I’d rather be with you

I’d rather be with you

Wondering through vacant rooms

Looking at old photographs

Of how it used to be

When we loved with such abandon

All you did was look at me

Just a gentle flick, and like hot wax

I melted, flowing everywhere

I’d rather be with you

In the dark silence of the night

Where we fumbled and stumbled

Over each other’s words

Eventually tossing them out

With the past hurt and pain

Their resurrection would bring

No more tears, all we did was cuddle.

I’d rather be with you

Knowing where we both had been

Then turning down roads untrammelled

Where surprise is an aphrodisiac

Harmonising signs of the zodiac

Connecting our separate worlds

Like the first man on the moon

Anticipating fresh discovery anew

I’d rather be with you.

De ja vu, once again

Redundant though it may seem,

I must ask the question once again.

How well I remember our first encounter

When you first discovered my treasure.

Your special dedication, still etched

In my mind, and now, I see it again.

Once again it begs the question–

Do I know you from another place,

Another time? Were we lovers or friends?

Were we family, friends or foe ?

Perhaps we’ll never know

But that feeling is all too familiar.

I smell the scent, I see the passion.

I have read the words and I feel it!

De ja vu, once again.

Flowers and butterfly wings

Mine is a restless one

still searching for what was

what was meant to be

and what might yet be

Perhaps I’m just a dreamer

but that’s fine with me

to believe my other half

is out there searching for me

It might just be that time

when these things start to matter

where you’ve lived and done

most of it all, yet there’s this quest

Then someone sent a reminder

that showed you what’s possible

something you had been missing

and did not realize until you met

So yes, there is contentment

in the many gifts that life brings

the bees and flowers and things

and beautiful butterflies with wings

But still someone whispers

that this is not enough

You might be disappointed –

but the feeling doesn’t quite stop

That while the dice has been cast

not everything is made out to last

Would you rather wallow in a black hole

or try finding that other piece of your soul?

The colour of your name

Now I see

Life in abundance.

Through you, I am so blessed,

Destiny’s guide, my soul-mate, clear as



This form of poem is called a SIDLAK – Thank you Quirky for sharing with us.

Its structure comprises syllables of 3/5/7/9/  with the last line being a colour to give you a total of five lines.

The last line must be a COLOUR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer. Life comes in different shades and hues. The colourful the merrier. Try it out with your true colours.

This is a special dedication to my dear friend Christel whom I met 3 years ago on a Jazz train in Switzerland and from the pavement in GStaad, she has been an inextricable part of my life ever since. Christel,you see me as no one else can – in my true colours. With lots of love – Chevvy

   For you: one day we will cry me a river on the Hudson🌹

It is……

It is a place that I had never been

It is a beauty that I had never seen

It is a value that I had never measured

It is a love that I had never treasured

It was the lesson learnt from my teacher

It was to see the full depth of each feature

It was to go back and search from within

It was to start with loving my own skin

It will be with sadness that I must move on

It will be discerning between right and wrong

It will be time to check against my new reflection

It will be time to stop looking for perfection

It is a time for being strong in my transitions

It is  a year to make new binding decisions

It is an awakening from a dream to the real

It is a determining of exactly how I feel

Though the teaching methods were unusual

The student is filled with a sense of renewal

But sometimes the roles were reversed

When the teacher became the student first

The work of a teacher is never done

When one plus one equals one.

Touch to touch

We touched.

Shadowing fingers,

Print traces,

Hidden faces,

Still haunted by the same dream

Of a lover’s touch.

Still longing

For love’s rainy days

With its taste

Consumed in haste

Of wave’s cascading surges

When your mind met mine

And a hostage was taken of time

Two souls falling to rise again

In new incarnations

I feel you still!

Your lips don’t conceal!

Aphrodites’ dream

Night deprives me of sleep

In daring dreams I keep

Reminiscing love’s fervor,

Ecstasy’s culminating murmur.

The first day of spring forever

A day to fondly remember

Moments suspended in time

In christenings deep and sublime

Head bowed down in holy devotions

Performing all rituals and motions

For deliverance of all rites of passage

In honor of love’s divine message

Breathing new fluttering fragrance

Lighting candles with ardent radiance

Two souls unite in sumptuous splendor

Hearts and minds in replete surrender

Lingering soft touches, and kisses

Fulfilling release of silent wishes

When sun’s new dawn arises

Lovers will reveal new disguises